Armed Gas Mask-Wearing Robbers Hit IHOP on FM 1960 Tuesday Morning

The Harris County Sheriff's Office is reporting that three men with guns wearing gas masks burst into an IHOP on FM 1960 and Champions Forest around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning demanding cash and phones from employees and patrons dining at the 24-hour restaurant.

According to a report on ABC13.com, the men were in the restaurant and out with the cash grab in 57 seconds (the print version says 57, but the video report says 58). According to an 85-year-old diner at the restaurant who didn't want to go on camera because he "didn't want his kids to get after him for being out so late," the gunmen appeared to be teenagers and, at times, pointed shotguns in the faces of patrons.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported and the suspects fled.

Now, I realize this is a developing story, but let me say a couple things here. Despite ABC13.com's one second discrepancy, did someone have a stopwatch on or what? It was clear someone at the IHOP said how fast they were in and out of the restaurant -- no reporter is making up "58 seconds" -- otherwise the report would have said "under a minute" but who exactly was tracking that number?

Second, I've been to this IHOP at around the same time in the morning, though admittedly not on a Tuesday and not anytime recently, and while certain parts of 1960 can get pretty sketchy, Champions Forest is a pretty nice neighborhood. Maybe that's why they hit it?

Finally, the fact that one of the victims wouldn't go on camera because he was worried about his kids being mad at him is hilarious. At 85, his kids are probably grown and the irony of them turning the tables on him at his age given what he probably would've said to him had they been victims 30 years ago is just awesome. Bravo to ABC13 for including that juicy tidbit in the story.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.