Arnold Schwarzenegger Comes Calling For A Houstonian

Houston reporter Gary Taylor gained a small bit of fame back in the day when he got shot by a girlfriend who turned out to be something of a serial not-so-perfect, violent paramour.

Catherine Mehaffey, the shooter, gained fame for a series of violent mishaps to people she was involved with; the very intricate, tangled history of it all is available via the four links above.

Someone in Hollywood wanted to make a movie about it, and in 2004 Taylor gladly signed away the rights to his part in the story for "a good sum of money."

A movie was eventually made starring Melanie Griffith and Esai Morales (Heartless), but it never had much of a release, and Taylor's never seen it. He never even gave it much of a thought after a while.

But two weeks ago he learned that the state of California knows all about it: They demanded payment of $5,300 in income tax.

"They were threatening to put a lien on my house in Houston and I suddenly had visions of Arnold arriving to terminate my property," Taylor tells Hair Balls.

"It turns out," Taylor says, "California can extract state income tax from anyone anywhere for money paid from any California business."

He dutifully wrote a check last Friday.

"I understand they need money badly and hope my contribution will reduce their federal bailout request accordingly," he says.

No more nightmares of Arnold coming after him. Or crazed girlfriends.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.