Arrest Made In That Infamous Baytown Arby's Prank

Baytown police have filed charges against one of the "men" who pull idiotic phone pranks such as making people drink urine or having them break windows in hotels. They do this by convincing the listeners they are talking to officials of some sort, and some kind of emergency action must be taken.

On July 5, one of the pranksters, Shawn Powell, called an Arby's in Baytown, where he lives, and convinced an employee to activate the restaurant's fire-control system, loosing a hell of a lot of foam.

Powell, who is also a convicted sex offender, was contacted by Baytown police who read about him in the epic Smoking Gun story that exposed the identities of many of the "Pranknet" gang, discovering they were losers, some living with their moms. (Read the story; these guys are truly bullies.)

According to the police report obtained by the website, Powell admitted his part in the Arby's incident.

He told them he was "part of a large group who make prank calls via voice over internet connections to hotels and restaurants."

Dude did catch one undeserved break: The damage to the restaurant was $1,384. If it had been $116 more, Powell avoided a felony misdemeanor charge.

He's supposed to be arraigned today.

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