Art Briles Hired by Baylor

Well, it's now official. Art Briles is off to Baylor. As I said, if he finds a way to win at that program, he's on the fast track to the big time. If he fails, he's on the fast track to Division II.

What's going to be interesting to me is what UH officials now do in terms of a replacement. Are they going to try and recycle some big name who's been out of the game for awhile? Are they going to try to find some young hotshot who'll be looking to use this program as a chance to make the Briles vault to the big time? Are they going to try and play it safe with some guy who's used to the UH-mid-major-type situation?

But just remember: UH is never going to be a major college football program. That all ended when the Southwest Conference went away. If the administration is satisfied with the team's present standing as a good, consistently bowl eligible team in a minor conference, it should be easy to find a good coach. But if they try and find someone to make this a Big 12-type team, well, it's just not going to happen. The school doesn't have the money, the facilities, or the fan base.

The university administrators need to worry less about making the Richard Justices of the world happy, and they need to be more concerned with doing what's best for the school. And trying to recapture the glory of the 1970s isn't the way to do that.

UH is never going to be UT. Or even A&M -- thank God. So let's stop trying. Let's just be the University of Houston. – John Royal

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