Art Briles Leaving UH for Baylor?

The word

on the street

is that University of Houston football coach Art Briles is interviewing for Baylor’s open head coaching job (various Houston-area sports radio stations are reporting that Briles has actually already signed a contract. I’m going with the


’s Michael Murphy on this in saying that Briles has yet to sign.)

I’m not going to wail away at Briles for signing a big extension last season then bolting the school at his first chance. This isn’t a Todd Graham thing where he’s only been at the school for one year then bolts for a mediocre school in the same conference. Believe it or not, but in the coaching world, Baylor would probably be an upgrade over the Coogs.

I like Briles. I like that he has made the Coogs seem relevant again. But we’ve got to look at facts. In five years, Briles’ record as head coach is only 34-28. And that’s coaching a team in Conference USA, which isn’t a conference known for its football powerhouses. UH, despite playing some top teams very closely, has yet to defeat a ranked football team. The only major win in Briles’s tenure would be last season’s defeat of Oklahoma State. And Briles has coached the Cougars to four bowls, and so far, he has yet to win a bowl game, having lost to lower-tier bowl teams from the Big 12 (Kansas) and SEC (South Carolina), along with the WAC’s Hawaii.

But Baylor is an actual upgrade from UH. Sure, Baylor hasn’t been relevant since the days of Grant Teaff, but unlike the Coogs, Baylor is in a major football conference, the Big 12. And if Baylor can get to respectability, it can get into a better bowl game than Briles will ever be able to get into with the Coogs.

And if Briles can get Baylor to respectability, he will be treated as a god – well, maybe not a god, as those Baptists probably don’t believe in the whole worshipping of false idols thing, but hopefully, you catch my meaning. And if he gets Baylor to respectability, then a major college program is only a phone call away.

Of course, that’s what Guy Morriss thought a couple of years ago, and we all know how things turned out for him.

But good luck in your future endeavors, Art. And don’t worry, I don’t think the UH Band will be doing any bits that conclude with calling you a douchebag. – John Royal

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