Art Car Parade Moves To Sunday (For One Year)

The Art Car Parade, that annual celebration of forcing writers to come up with synonyms for "wacky," will be on a Sunday in 2011, instead of the traditional second Saturday in May.

The move is to take advantage of a related international conference that will be in town.

Says the Orange Show:

This one-time move gives all Art Car Artists and regional attendees the distinguished opportunity to be a part of the opening event of the American Association of Museums (AAM) Annual Meeting and Museum Expo, which is being hosted in Houston for the first time.

It calls it "EXTREMELY exciting news."

The parade will kick off the Expo, and the Orange Show, which puts it on, says the exposure will be beneficial to participants.

The AAM Annual Meeting and Museum Expo will bring 5,000-6,000 of our regional, national, and international museum curators, practitioners and visionaries from more than 50 countries. The AAMs main mission is to make a "unique contribution to the public by collecting, preserving, and interpreting the things of this world," a mission we feel perfectly parallels our desire to "celebrate the artist in everyone

"Having the Art Car Parade kick off this expo of global art enthusiasts will give each artist the chance to reveal their art to an even larger audience of the world at one great event," organizers said. "Art Cars are guaranteed to be one of the most exceptional public art form displays the AAM has ever encountered."

The Art Car Ball will be on Friday, May 20, with the parade two days later.

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