Art Cars Are Shocking -- To The Folks At Ripley's

Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Prepare to be Shocked! came out last month. And it’s filled with, yeah, shocking things – a Jesus-like smudge of driveway sealant selling for $1,500, a man trying to spend a fake million-dollar bill, a Russian man stealing an entire bridge, a blind Belgian police unit, a dude getting his car stolen twice in one day…

Oh, and art cars. Five of them, to be exact. Apparently art cars are hard to believe, although we in Houston wouldn’t know about that.

The book includes Williams Burge’s gargoyle-themed car “Phantoms” (pictured). There’s also Bryan Taylor’s “Jeffrey Jerome Memorial Pig” car, with ear, nose and tail; Larry Fuente’s “Rex Rabbit” car, a VW beetle with a white rabbit attached; Dennis Clay’s “Mirror Image,” a beetle with another one attached upside-down on the top; and, of course, Jackie Harris’s Fruitmobile. We hope you were prepared for this shock.

Cathy Matusow

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