Artania Isn't Easy In Texas, Russian Troupe Finds Out

Artania, a Russian horse-show, has certainly had its ups and downs in Texas.

Their first shows in April, at Sam Houston Race Park, ran into the kind of severe weather we have here every spring.

Then, as we reported back in April, the trick-riding show, which got extravagant praise in Europe, opened and....not many people came.

They tried to reboot their publicity:

"I think they were used to these gushing articles being written in every city they went to and they didn't get that here," says John Finlay, president of FMA Consultants, who the Kantemirovs hired last week to promote Artania. "It's kind of hard to start from scratch after six weeks, but that's what we did."

The troupe moved on from Houston, but the weirdness hasn't stopped.

In Dallas, they set up under the Reunion Tower near downtown, but had to shut down prematurely. As the Dallas Morning News reported:

its producer blamed its premature closing on visas and vendors.

"We had some issues with some of our vendors," said John Finlay, "and that caused us to cancel the remaining portion of the outdoor tent tour."

He also said some of the show's 50 performers had visa problems, but he did not elaborate.

The closing surprised at least one worker.

"I don't know what happened," said horse trainer Robert Batsazov, who was the only person in the big white circus tent Monday morning.

The horses had to be put up in temporary shelters.

But you can't keep a starcrossed horse show down, apparently.

The Associated Press is reporting that the show is once again on....in Rockwall, Texas. And, according to the Rockwall County Herald-Banner, people there love it.

And, as it notes, "The shows will help the group recover the funds necessary to get on with their U.S. tour before returning to Canada."

We're sure they'll be back in Texas just as soon as they can.

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