Arthur Davis Brown, Speeding Down Highway, to 911: No, My Wife's Not in the Car, She's on the Car

Arthur Brown was living in Houston with his wife when they ran into some domestic trouble, so he took their kid and moved back to his home in Diboll.

She followed, with her father, and they confronted him.

Things happened, leading to this classic 911 exchange from Brown as he was barreling down U.S. 59, as reported by KTRE:

[Angelina County] Sheriff Kent Henson said Brown went to his estranged wife's house and at some point, their child ended up in his vehicle.

Henson said the man called 911 and mentioned something about a disturbance with his wife. The dispatcher asked him if she was in the car with him and he told her, "No, my wife's on the car."

She apparently had jumped on the car when she saw Brown driving away with their kid.

Just about the time Brown was calling 911, she fell off the car, but Brown kept driving.

She's in fair condition at a local hospital; he's been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, namely his car.

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