Asgard Heroes: The Nerd Game Of Choice On The International Space Station

In case you needed any further evidence that astronauts have moved into full nerd-dom from their test-pilot beginnings, you need only to know that two of the current crew of the International Space Station are spending their time playing Asgard Heroes.

According to a press release, anyway. A press release from NERD CENTRAL.

Astronauts on-board NASA's Orion Space Station recently made an outstanding confession: two of the crew members admitted to play the game Asgard Heroes from orbit. The Orion Space Station Commander Fedor Zastrov and Flight Engineer Rebeca Mendez praised the Stargate game, saying it's good time spent, when they're not working that is.

"I really like this game, confessed Zastrov, it has great potential and being a huge fan of Stargate I couldn't resist the temptation to try it out. And I'm glad I did because it's a lot of fun and makes one thinking of all the possibilities..."

And parents complain about kids with their heads stuck in a Gameboy while driving the scenic route on a vacation? If only there were some interesting views from the ISS.

Further information from the astronaut/cosmonaut duo on their depraved addiction to the game was not available, probably because the two were ignoring requests to put the damn game away and lean up their room.

Asgard Heroes, as far as we can tell, is one hell of a macho online game, if that's not oxymoronic enough for you.

The into page goes like this: "Become a Harbinger of Death, for what will come is not yet written...Are you man enough to lead your people to freedom? Are you a hero or a coward? Make a decision now!"

Yeah, we want to be stuck in space for months next to someone with his or her head engaged in that.

Gordon Cooper would weep, is all we can say.

Leeroy Jenkins, Astronaut:

(In case it isn't clear, the press release is a fake -- here are the

astronauts now on ISS

-- but we like the idea of it.)

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