Asher Brown's Parents On CNN; DA Getting Involved

The Asher Brown story went national last night, as CNN's Anderson Cooper interviewed the parents of the Cy-Fair middle schooler who committed suicide.

The parents appeared with their attorney and said they had made "many trips" to the school, and numerous calls and e-mails, to complain about bullying.

When Cooper asked for their reaction to the school district's claim that they have no record of such visits, the attorney said the district's plan has always "been to deny, deny, deny."

Those denials will come under some scrutiny that should finally provide some clarity to the two diametrically opposed versions of the story -- the Houston Chronicle reports that District Attorney Pat Lykos will be investigating the incident.

That brings a whole new level to things, as people will be talking to investigators (with legal ramifications if the truth is not told), and searches for documents and records that will throw some light on what exactly the school did or didn't know will be subpoenaed if necessary.

None of that will bring back a tortured 13-year-old kid who just wanted to enjoy life, but it will possibly bring answers to some perplexing questions.

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