Ashley Nicole Richards: Videos Show "Ebony Crush Goddess" Going to Town on Crawfish, Crabs

Investigators with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals say they've discovered more videos of animal torture linked to two Houstonians already charged with mutilating and killing a puppy and kitten on video.

Stephanie Bell, associate director of PETA's cruelty investigations department, told Hair Balls Wednesday that the footage, discovered Monday night, has been sent to Houston police.

Citing the ongoing investigation, Bell said she could not divulge the details of the newly found footage, but said it might pre-date the 2010 videos already submitted in the charges against Ashley Nicole Richards and Brent Wayne Justice.

"The number of her animal victims is apparently countless," Bell said, adding that some of the "crush" content was streamed live, so there's no existing footage.

The address listed in Richards's and Justice's court records is identical to one listed for something called "Bad Gurlz Productions," but the company's telephone number has been disconnected.

Meanwhile, Hair Balls has found videos we believe show Richards (and two friends) stomping on crawfish, crabs, and lobsters. The videos appear on a fetish website, where the women refer to themselves as "Ebony Crush Goddesses" and hawk "live webcam crush sessions, custom videos, foot fetish, domination...."

The copy beside each video is apparently the sort of thing that get crush freaks off, as in this bit about a crawfish about to meet its maker: "Oh you wanna get horny now, did you ask my permission to get horny??? This is Killer pussy baby and this pussy is fixin to kill you!!! I like your meat but you don't give good head so goodbye bitch.... [sic]."

A video on YouTube shows a woman we believe is Richards standing in a kitchen, talking about the tilapia in her sink who are about to be gutted, Ebony-Goddess-Style.

No law enforcement officials were able to view the videos we found in order to confirm the identity of the Goddess-In-Question. The Houston Police Department referred us to prosecutor Belinda Smith for questions. Smith was in trial Wednesday and not available for comment, but we hope to speak with her soon.

Richards's court-appointed lawyer, Michelle Townsend, told us she hasn't had access to Richards's file and could not comment.

Apparently, money has been tight for Justice. In a federal suit he and Richards filed against the Waco Police Department, accusing officers of abuse, Justice applied for a waiver of court costs.

He wrote, "I am unable to work due to the suspension and ultimate expiration of my CDL license. Plaintiff is a bus operator by...profession and have not been gainfully employed since 2010. Plaintiff recieves help from family and friends [sic]."

Last may, Justice and Richards filed an assumed business name record for Via Transco, which Justice spoke about in an April meeting of the Texas Board of Criminal Justice. Minutes for the meeting indicate that Justice, formerly a bus driver, had lost "market share" in transporting newly released offenders when the Texas Department of Criminal Justice began issuing vouchers "exclusively with the Greyhound Bus Company."

We'll be staying on top of this.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.