Ashley Rae Ortega, 26: Busted For Sexual Assault of 14-Year-Old Boy

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Bell County Jail
Ashley Rae Ortega: Parents of victim made initial outcry to police.
A 26-year-old Killeen woman with ties to the Houston area has been charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy.

According to KXXV, Ashley Rae Ortega is an acquaintance of the boy's family, and per KDHD, was staying with them at the time of the alleged assault, which police claim happened on June 15.

According to an arrest affidavit, no force was involved and the boy never made outcry, but somehow his parents figured out something was amiss.

They confronted their son, and the boy admitted to his mother that he had sex with Ortega when he was left alone with her on Friday. According to KDHD, when confronted, Ortega initially denied that the assault took place, and then admitted that it had and attempted to reassure the mother by claiming that it was okay because she was STD-free.

Police believe that the assault was an isolated incident.

Ortega's bond was set at a whopping $75,000. Five years ago the former Cypress resident was sentenced to 35 days in Harris County Jail after her second DWI conviction.

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