Daniel Kramer

Ask an Expert: Devin the Dude Talks about the History of Marijuana

Props to alt-weekly

Willamette Week

in Portland for spotlighting Devin the Dude in an item called "

Notable Moments in Weed History

," just before he sets out for Amsterdam to perform at the

20th annual Cannabis Cup festival


The H-Town rapper riffs on the film Reefer Madness, the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act and eating hashish versus weed-laced carrot cake.

Asked if the fuzz ever got him on possession charges, he says:

“In Harris County, some of those backwood policemen don’t care, man. They had us hemmed up, got everybody off the bus and got us in those striped jailhouse uniforms, the same ones the Fat Boys had. Like 15 of us in Fat Boys jailhouse uniforms with everything except the ball and chain and the hat.” –Todd Spivak

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