There's just something so very D.C. about her.

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive

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, Charles Kuffner has plans to interview the candidates vying for the City Council seat vacated by Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, and he's asked his readers to offer up some suggested questions. We've got a few:

Are you a doctor? Do you plan on reminding us you're a doctor every chance you get?

Your term, after the inevitable runoff, is sure to be short. During your predecessor's brief stint in Washington, she accomplished many things, the most important being her perfect attendance. Can we expect the same "check plus" in that category for you?

Any plans to exploit a Hispanic connection during your candidacy before using wildly exaggerated crime statistics to attack illegal immigrants after you're elected?

Are you a Republican who's for increased government regulation of small business?

Considering how your predecessor was called Dracula Cunt, do you have any plans to explore the vampire-vagina nexus when it comes to your own nickname?

Do you feel guilty this election is going to cost the City millions of dollars, or is that really all the fault of your predecessor's harebrained national ambitions?

-- Keith Plocek

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