Ask Ron Paul (Almost) Anything on Reddit

Ron Paul did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit, and we over at Hair Balls are finding it to be a glorious exercise in that most ancient of arts, the political strip tease, the kind where they pretend to take it all off, but you never even see a sexy hairy political shoulder.

The AMA started on Thursday afternoon and the site was flooded with questions, the bit being that Paul is supposed to answer them.

However, he seemed inclined to answer some questions (the ones he felt like answering) more than others (the ones he was presumably not feeling.) This should come as no surprise considering he'd already pretty much stated that the people of the interwebs can ask anything, but he has certain things he'll be more inclined to discuss:

"The subjects I have talked about the most include good sound free market economics and non-interventionist foreign policy along with an emphasis on our Constitution and personal liberty."

Questions on his stance on gay marriage were decidedly not of the subjects he likes to talk about, even though a couple of questions gathered enough points to shoot to the top of the very long list.

Question: "Congressman Paul, why did you vote YES on an amendment, which would have banned adoption by same-sex couples and other couples who lacked a marital or familial relationship in Washington, D.C? Do you still oppose adoption by gay couples?"

Answer:" Well I don't recall that particular vote but my position on it is that the government should be out of it. Sort of like the marriage issues, and adoption issues, I do not like the idea of any government writing prohibitions in these areas. I may have personal preferences and all, but it should be handled through contracts rather than government prohibitions. I was involved with adoptions when I was doing medicine, and it was always a voluntary contract - we would find a family who would take a baby and the mother would sign a voluntary contract, and it got more complicated with more legislation." He answered this one, but reading the answer and you have to admire how he appears to answer the question without ever actually doing that.

However, the following didn't get an answer at all:

Question: Dr. Paul,

Why do you oppose federal efforts to redefine marriage as something other than a union between one man and one woman, and support the Defense of Marriage Act?

Why do you not accept the theory of evolution?

Do you really believe that "the elitist, secular Left" is waging a war on religion?

Question: "Why do you believe that abortion leads to euthanasia, and that doctors who perform abortions should be criminally prosecuted?

Why do you oppose campaign finance reform and support unlimited private and corporate money into elections, and oppose taxpayer funded elections? It's destructive to democracy and is open season for corruption.

lastly, and this is the most important one: Why do you say that climate change is a hoax? You have children and grandchildren, and one day I will to. We have a duty to be responsible to them."

Shocking he didn't jump in on that one first thing's first, right?

But he agrees with President Obama about smoking. We did learn this.

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