Astro Announcers Introduced, Somewhat, to Reggaeton

Houston is an international city with a rich and varied musical heritage....not that you would've gotten that message during a recent Astro broadcast.

Amazingly enough, someone was watching the game, for what twisted masochistic reasons we know not.

Luckily, though, he was awake when Fox Sports Southwest's Patti Smith, who you would think would know something about music, attempted to hype Saturday's Hispanic Heritage Night at Minute Maid.

It will feature, according to her, "reg action" music, which perhaps is a speed-metal adjunct to the reggaeton that the night will feature. For added grins she calls the group playing that night Chino y Nacho "China and Nacho."

Deadspin rakes her over the coals:

And then to hear her pronounce "Chino" like "China," it seems like she just stumbled out of a Senior Citizens For Rick Perry campaign rally. Then she says "Nacho" with a similar distaste of the culture, and she asks the guys up in the booth if they are hungry. And they talk about potato chips. Really....Houston is 43.8 percent Hispanic. It boggles the mind that these three could be such honkies. And yet, here they are, talking about potato chips and "reg action." Dios mio.

We contacted Smith, who said she couldn't comment without clearance from Fox Sports' PR department. So we called network spokesman Ramon Alvarez; he spoke with her and tells us the script Smith was given actually had the words "reg action" written out that way. He's not sure who wrote it.

"She read what was on the script," Alvarez says. "She didn't mean any disrespect and if anyone was offended by the mispronunciation, she apologizes."

Anyway, hear it all for yourselves:

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