Astro Fan On-Field Escape: A Critical Appraisal

The most excitement at Minute Maid Park this year --

bigger even than Carlos Lee's 2,000th hit

-- came this weekend with the wild on-field run and escape by an Astros fan.

Kevin Wayne Crabtree, 27, was eventually nabbed, but he gave the crowd their money's worth. A breakdown:

0:19: Heads for Tal's Hill. Is this because his aim is to draw attention to what is the single silliest thing in Minute Maid? Or is it just because he figures he can jump the fence easier? Probably the latter.

0:21: That cop is not exactly sprinting up that mountain, is he? Meanwhile our man is over it in a single leap. The cop then gives up, no doubt muttering how he's too old for this shit.

0:28: Giant steps. They might have looked easy from the stands, but our runner is discovering it's going to take some effort to climb up. Meanwhile, a cop comes in from his right and there's no escape. Our man is running right into his arms.

0:32: BUT NO!!! The unforeseen (first) genius move: The leap into the grass!! The cop stands there, arms open, waiting to wrap up the perp, and is left looking like a henchman who thinks he's about to capture some agile superhero.

0:38: No one's chasing him up there, either. You have to hand it to security: They know their limits.

0:40: Second genius move. So you're trapped on the green patch (and you're actually lucky it isn't some sod on chicken wire that wouldn't support you). Nowhere to go, right? Wrong. Another giant leap, up into the standing room section, and before you know it you're out on Crawford, a legend.

It didn't quite work out that way, of course, but nice try.

Check out pics from the game in our slideshow.

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