Astro History: What's Wrong with This Picture?

Notice anything wrong with this picture?

There are two things. One was noticed by the inestimable contributors to the Uni Watch blog, the destination Web site for everyone fascinated by the minutiae of sports-uniforms tweaks throughout the years.

The other thing that was very wrong, we discovered with some googling.

So what's the first thing that's wrong? After the jump. Dude's very confused -- he's got a Colt .45 shirt and an Astro hat. (And why were the Colt .45s wearing a shirt that said "Colts,"anyway?)

Surely the Astros wouldn't be so cheap as to try to get some extra spring-training life out of old shirts after they changed their name to the Astros, right?

The other very wrong thing? Dave Adlesh spent six seasons with the team as a catcher. His career stats? A single home run, a .168 batting average, a slugging percentage of .199 and twice as many career strikeouts as hits.

On second thought, sign him up: He can't be worse than what the Astros are currently offering behind the plate. Even at age 68.

(We would also accept "His eyebrows" as an answer, by the way.)

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