Astronaut Lisa Nowak Has Apparently Never Heard of Google

Everyone's favorite Fatal Attraction astronaut, Lisa Nowak, has apparently never heard of the concept of Googling someone's name.

She asked the Florida judge who heard the case against her (for driving across country to confront a romantic rival) to have her criminal record sealed.

She said it would hurt her chances of getting a job, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Today the judge rejected the request, saying -- one imagines him using a parent's voice explaining some concept to a child -- that, you know, people are going to have heard of the Lisa Nowak case.

He didn't mention, apparently, that HR departments have access to computers.

Let's just say Googling "Lisa Nowak" doesn't produce a lot of glowing job-performance recommendations.

(In case you're wondering, Googling "Lisa Nowak" and "diapers" gets 71,400 links.)

Nowak had originally been charged with kidnapping and burglary, but worked out a deal to plead guilty to the burglary charge and serve a year of probation.

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Richard Connelly
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