Astros 21-22

What can you say about a team that’s 21-22? You can’t say that this team is better than its record, because that would be a lie. The Astros record is padded because of the team’s ability to beat up on the Cincinnati Reds, a team even worse than the Astros. Except for Hunter Pence, the team shows no life.

The Astros have lost 3 of the last 4 games, and the team hasn’t looked very good. The Astros just finished losing 2 of 3 to the Texas Rangers, and none of the losses were close. Sunday’s final score was 14-1, and the game wasn’t as close as that score indicates. If not for a little Hunter Pence hustle, the Astros probably wouldn’t have even got the one run.

It looks as if Morgan Ensberg and Adam Everett have been benched. Mike Lamb and Mark Loretta have been getting the starts the past several games. But Phil Garner’s shown an inability to get anybody on this team to perform to expectations, except, of course, Pence.

The Astros are off to San Francisco for three starts. The Giants will be starting Noah Lowry and Tim Lincecum in the first two games of the series. And the Astros didn’t look very good against either one of them last week. Former Cy Young winner Barry Zito will start the finale, and though Zito has been awful this season, the Astros might be just the cure that he needs. -- John Royal

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