Astros Are Bobblehead Addicts Who Ignore Current Roster, Study Finds

First off, yes, someone does study bobblehead giveaways at major league parks. And does impressively charted presentations of them.

That somebody is Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Flyball, who has produced a groundbreaking piece of research that demonstrates conclusively that the Houston Astros are bobblehead crazy, as long as those bobbleheads don't include current players.

And who can blame them, as it regards current players?

The infographic chart, which is too large to be reproduced here shows the Astros had more bobblehead giveaways than any other major league team, with nine. (Next closest: Milwaukee with seven.)

Of those Astro bobblehead giveaways, all but two included former players. The Astros seven former ballplayers was far more than any other teams'; in fact 10 teams -- including tradition-rich but currently sucky sqauds like Pittsburgh, Baltimore and the Mets -- didn't have any bobblehead giveaways involving former players.

So we guess you shouldn't hold your breath waiting for a Henry Villar or Matt Downs bobblehead night.

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