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Astros-Brewers: All Hail the Fonz

Did you ever just have one of those nights when nothing goes right? When no matter what you do, the answer is wrong? When no matter what help you offer, it’s always the wrong kind?

Well, the Astros didn’t have one of those night. I had one of those nights, but the Astros didn’t. And as I’ve been taught in life, I don’t count.

I did try to watch the Astros game last night. I honestly did. And I saw parts, honestly -- and can someone please confirm that that was Geoff Blum I saw hitting the home run off of Ben Sheets? I had to help out a friend who had car problems, so I didn’t comprehend much of what I did see – seriously, did I really see Michael Bourn hit a triple off of Ben Sheets, and did I really see Michael Bourn let Mike Cameron hit a double over his head? I know the Astros won the game 5-2 – seriously, did the Astros really beat Ben Sheets? I know that Brian Moehler started the game, and that, though he struggled, he was able to get through 5.1 innings while giving up only one earned run.

I know that somehow the Astros won the game. I don’t know how they pulled it off because I wasn’t able to pay attention. But I know that they did. Even though Cecil Cooper decided for some unknown reason to start the light-hitting David Newhan.

With the win the Astros improved their record to 64-62. Technically, the Astros are still in the playoff hunt, but seriously, they’ve got 36 games left to play and six teams to pass up. To hit the magical 90 win mark, the team has to go 26-10 for the rest of the season, while every team in front of them just collapses. I just don’t see it happening. Not with a team this bad – the team’s bad, that’s the truth.

So I had a crappy night even though the Astros found a way to win the game – seriously, did the Astros really beat Ben Sheets last night? I’m not just imagining that, am I?

The Astros go for the series victory this afternoon with Wandy Rodriguez (7-5, 4.15) going up against Manny Parra (9-5, 4.02) at just a little after 1:00. They will be off tomorrow, then they head out to New York for their last ever visit to Shea Stadium for four games with the New York Mets.


For you pop culture fans out there, yesterday was Happy Days Day in Milwaukee. Henry Winkler, the Fonz, was honored by the city, and a statue of the Fonz was placed in downtown Milwaukee. Winkler threw out the first pitch at the baseball game last night, and Potsie sang the national anthem.

***************** Ty Wigginton was named the co-winner of the NL Player of the Week last week. He hit .571 (16-for-28) with four homers and 11 RBI. This is the first time in his major league career that he’s won the award. He shares the award with Johan Santana of the New York Mets. – John Royal

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