Astros Farm Coach Stubby Clapp Denied Permission to Play in Olympics

Drayton McLane has always struck me as one of those sanctimonious patriotic types. One of those who demands everyone stand at attention for the anthem, or recite the Pledge out loud. One of those types who demands patriotism from everyone else, but that feels he doesn’t have to actually practice acts of patriotism himself.

I give you the story of one Stubby Clapp. Clapp, the hitting coach for the single-A Lexington Legends of the Houston Astros farm system, is also a 35-year-old infielder for Canada’s national baseball team, the same team that will be representing Canada at the Olympics in August. Well, he was, but Drayton McLane has denied him permission to leave his duties with Lexington so that he can play for his team.

“That’s very surprising that Houston isn’t going to grant him permission at the chance of a lifetime,” former Toronto Blue Jay catcher, former team Canada manager, and now Blue Jay coach told the Ottawa Sun. “I’m just floored.”

I’m sure you’re thinking that this isn’t that a big deal. That the guy’s got a contract with the Astros and that he needs to be with his players. But just think of what the reaction would be if it were a member of the Team USA, and that the Toronto Blue Jays were denying him permission to attend the Olympic Games. The Rush Limbaughs and Bill O’Reillys and Sean Hannitys of the right-wing idiot talk-sphere would be demanding that we invade Canada if that player wasn’t given permission to attend the games.

The biggest honor a person can have is to attend the Olympics and represent his country. Drayton McLane should be attempting to facilitate this attendance for Clapp. Instead, he’s the biggest obstacle. And whenever I think that it’s not possible for McLane to stoop even lower in my estimation, he finds a way to do it.

A person who really believed in love of country would find a way to make this all possible. But McLane proves once again that he is just as fake and plastic as his joke of a baseball stadium.

And Stubby, I’m sorry. I wish that my country were doing better by you. – John Royal

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