Astros Get Miguel Tejada in Return for Luke Scott, Matt Albers, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate and Michael Costanzo

Well, as was speculated on last week, Miguel Tejada is now a member of the Houston Astros. To acquire Tejada, the Astros parted with Luke Scott, Matt Albers, Troy Patton, Dennis Sarfate and Michael Costanzo.

This is an interesting deal in several ways.

First, Tejada has been repeatedly impicated in the steroid mess, and with the Mitchell Report due at 1:00 p.m. Houston time tomorrow, it should make for some fun conversation among Astros management if Tejada is named. I would be surprised however if Astros management hasn't discussed the possible implications. Plus, Bud Selig's supposed to have reviewed the report last night, so maybe Drayton got some reassurance from Selig before pulling the trigger.

Second, this means that the Astros are still stuck with Adam Everett and Chris Burke, so while Tejada's an all-star shortstop, it's not exactly clear what position he will be playing, though the Chron is speculating that he will play third. This, in turn, would mean that Ty Wigginton is without a position. And while I'm not the world's biggest Wigginton fan, I'd prefer Wigginton's bat in the lineup to Everett's.

But as this deal stands, I'm not a big fan. The biggest failing of the Astros isn't offense, it's pitching. And trading Troy Patton, who was supposed to be a mainstay of future rotations, just doesn't strike me as a good deal.

Who knows how this will all turn out, however. Ed Wade is showing a penchant to make moves, something Purpura could never do. Perhaps he's got something else up his sleeves that will bring the team some pitching. -- John Royal

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