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Astros-Padres: Two in Row, Plus Robin Sparkles

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I love baseball. I watch it every chance I get. I travel the country to watch baseball. I write about it all the time. But I got home last night and I saw that Robin Sparkles was making an appearance on CBS. So I just couldn’t watch the Astros.

I flipped over to the game at about 8:00 p.m. and saw the Astros were safely in front of the Padres by 7-2. Then I flipped around the TV some more, watched the Cubs-Mets for a bit, then made it back to the Astros and saw they were up 10-3.

But I just couldn’t keep watching the Astros.

I think I’ve got Astros burnout. Yes, I know we’re only into the fourth week of the season. And I know the Astros were winning, but damn it, I’ve been in full-on baseball mode since that damn Mitchell Report came out, and I read all of the Clemens depo info, and listened to the spring training games.

Even though Roy Oswalt, my favorite Astros pitcher, was on the mound, I just didn’t care. I didn’t care about the whole Miguel Tejada thing. I didn’t care about the whole Eny Cabreja thing. I didn’t care that the Chron, except for Brian McTaggart, was essentially working as a PR service for the Astros.

So that’s my confession: I didn’t care. Now, the Cubs did beat the Mets 7-1. Why I kept watching that game, I don’t know. I think the only thing I cared about last night was Robin Sparkles. And after Robin Sparkles, well, nothing else really mattered, so I’m just going to go build some sandcastles in the sand.


The Astros won the game 10-3. They had 13 hits. The numbers of runs and hits was the team high for the year. And that’s two straight wins – yes, they’ve actually put together back-to-back wins – but as much as I like Bill Brown, this does not yet guarantee that the 8-12 Astros are turning the corner. Not with Padres ace Jake Peavy on the mound Tuesday night.

It was good to see Roy Oswalt have another good game. The Astros need games like this from Oswalt so as to save the bullpen for nights when Eny Cabreja is injured, or Chris Sampson is beat up.

******************* Maybe the Chicago Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 because they threw the World Series in 1918. New info has surfaced – well, really old info just newly discovered – implicating the Chicago Cubs in another World Series fix. There is an affidavit from one of the Black Sox players stating that they got the idea to throw the 1919 World Series from members of the Chicago Cubs. And I’m sure we all remember that the reason the 1918 World Series was so damn important was that, until 2004, it had been the last time the Boston Red Sox won a World Series.

******************** It’s nice to see the asshole genes didn’t skip any generations in the Steinbrenner family. Daddy George has quieted down a lot and is letting his kids run the team. But one son, Hank, isn't exactly down with the pitching and says he wants the idiots to put Joba Chamberlain into the rotation. Only the idiots are Yankee general manager Brian Cashman and the Joe Girardi coaching staff, and they have a different plan for Chamberlain, which involves slowly building his stamina and hoping to put him into the rotation come later this summer.

So, how much longer until the Steinbrenner brats start firing and rehiring everybody in sight? And how much longer until assistant to the traveling secretary George Costanza is running things? Though you do have to wonder what the Yankees will have to trade to Tyler Chicken to get Costanza back…

******************* Okay, I know I said I'm tired of all of the bad baseball and all of the Tejada stuff. But damn it, what fun would there be in the world if I couldn't contradict myself in the same post? Huh? Besides, upon exploring the depths of my soul -- and I have one, I think -- I think it's the Chron's current handling of the whole Tejada mess which is just burning me out and is really, really bugging me.

For instance, just when did Charles "I'm Not a Role Model" Barkley become a highly sought after moral authority? I ask because Jose de Jesus Ortiz gives a lot of weight to the Chuckster, who decided to opine on the Tejada matter and wasn't happy with ESPN and accused the network of bush journalism. First, someone needs to remind the Chuckster that he is now part of the media, and it’s not the job of the media to protect the jocks of the world. And I don’t know why Tejada is so damn special. This so-called journalism he’s bitching about happens all of the time to people living in the real world. I know the jocks get special treatment, but just what is it that they’ve done to deserve this treatment?

Ortiz isn’t the only one working PR for Tejada. There’s also Justice and Barron. McTaggert seems to be the only one who understands it’s not about Tejada lying about his age 14 years ago. We all would’ve done that. What this is about that Tejada is under investigation for perjury – LYING – and this establishes a pattern of behavior, of lying. So if he’s lying about this, what else is he lying about? – John Royal

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