Astros-Pirates: Coming to Grips with Reality

The Houston Astros are actually going to do it, aren’t they? They’re actually going to catch the Milwaukee Brewers and grab the wild card. The reality’s coming. And I’ve got to come to grips with this.

You look at the stats, and you see that the Astros’ record should be under five hundred. You look at the team and you see rejects like David Newhan, Geoff Blum and Jose Castillo getting start after start. You see a game like last night, with Alberto Arias making his first ever major league start while making his first MLB appearance in years, and you see him getting the win. You see Mark Saccomanno, the 28-year old making his first ever major league appearance. You see him hitting a home run in his first ever major league at bat. And you see Jose Valverde nailing down the 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates while at the same time the Brewers are blowing a 4-2 lead to the Cincinnati Reds, ultimately losing 5-4 and letting the Astros move to within five games with 18 games left in the season.

You see all of this, as I see all of this, and you know that logic and stats no longer have any meaning. The Houston Astros are going to win this thing, damn it. I just know this now. Resistance is futile.


Mark Saccomanno is only the fourth Houston Astro to hit a home run in his very first major league at bat. He is also only the 100th major leaguer to ever homer in his first major league at bat.

****************** Okay you fans sitting in the Crawford Boxes. BEWARE! The Astros have recalled Dave Borkowski and he is joining the team tonight. So if you’re looking for some souvenirs, make sure to sit in the Crawford Boxes. But wear a helmet. – John Royal

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