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The Astros suffered through another lost weekend, this time being swept by the NL East leading New York Mets. The Astros ended the month of August on a high-note by winning four of the last five games. Things aren’t so great for September, as the team has lost seven of eight. And leave it to the guys at the Chron to explain away one of the losses. Apparently, on Friday night, when the Astros lost 11-3, Wandy Rodriguez was pitching injured. The Chron didn’t tell me how that applied to the rest of Wandy’s games on the road this season, where he always gets beat up.

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As the Astros struggle to finish out the season on the playing field, Drayton continues his search for a new general manager. But Drayton’s going to have some competition because the woebegone Pittsburgh Pirates fired GM Dave Littlefield on Friday. And seeing how Drayton’s interviewing guys associated with the Kansas City Royals, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Littlefield trotted through town for an interview next week.

The interesting thing about the GM search is not that there are a lot of perfunctory interviews going on, it’s that all of the candidates have a tie to interim GM Tal Smith. And it’s making me believe that this whole thing is going to lead to a candidate with the ultimate tie to Tal Smith, that’s right, Tal’s son Randy, who failed in GM stints with the Padres and Tigers.

I don’t know why I bother with this anymore. I don’t think anyone’s reading these Astros notes anymore. I don’t even think a link to Naomi, Scarlett, or Jessica would get any additional eyeballs. And that’s just because everyone’s so tired of the Astros.

And it’s football season.

But still I watch.

Still I watch.

The Astros are off today. Tomorrow starts a 9-game home stand featuring the Cubs for three games starting Tuesday. -- John Royal

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