Astros Rookie Gets First Career RBI with Face, Team Still Loses

When you suck, the universe finds ways to remind you on a daily basis, and the Astros really suck. Unfortunately for rookie catcher Max Stassi, the universe decided the best way to remind the Astros just how terrible their season is was to have him take a pitch to the face in the eighth inning.

The bases-loaded bean ball meant Stassi got credited for an RBI, the first of his career, and it tied the game at 4 in the eighth inning. But the universe is a cruel bitch -- or the Astros are just really awful -- and the Rangers won the game in the ninth with a sacrifice fly. Given his sacrifice, you'd think the team could at least hammer out a victory for the kid, who was taken to a hospital in Dallas for observation.

It is par for the course for the Astros this season, who are on pace to win another 100-plus games, which would give them three straight 100-loss seasons. While there has been some cause for optimism with the minor league teams loaded with young prospects and some up-and-coming players on the major league club, overall it has been a disaster of a season.

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The latest nightmare came in the eighth inning on Wednesday. Poor Stassi. He had no idea what he was signing up for in his major league debut. Unfortunately, he ended up on the wrong side of nature...and a fastball.

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