Astros Sno Cone Vendor Fired After Viral Video Catches Him in Bathroom Stall with His Sno Cones

In the era of cell phone technology, virtually nothing goes unnoticed. Such is the tale of a sno cone vendor at Minute Maid Park this week who heard the call of Mother Nature during his shift at an Astros game. A fan in the bathroom at the same time noticed the rainbow-colored sno cones sitting on the ground inside a stall next to the vendor, who was obviously in the middle of "seeing a man about a horse."

The video was passed along to Channel 2, which aired a story. It has since gone viral and been picked up by Deadspin and Yahoo! Sports, among others. Since the incident, the vendor has been fired by Aramark, the ballpark's food services provider. Ironically, the video was filmed on new team president Reid Ryan's first day on the job.

The amateur cinematographer who caught this all on tape has some hilarious moments of his own during the one-minute clip. He even manages to go outside the restroom and video an image of the Astros logo on a garbage can for proof of where he was. He then alerted a Minute Maid employee and told him he wanted to speak to his supervisor. Who wouldn't want the job as supervisor of sno cones?

I tend to believe that most people are a little overly weird about bathrooms and germs. There seems to be a never-ending debate on whether it is okay to talk on the phone while in the bathroom or to use your phone to check e-mail or surf the Web. There is most certainly an obsession with clean hands and antibacterial soap that in some instances has created real long-lasting issues with medication-resistant viruses.

HAVING SAID ALL THAT, EW! Dude, do NOT take your food into the toilet with you. That is just nasty! It is particularly gross that it is an unwrapped food like a sno cone. Now, maybe he was going to throw them out afterward. We'll never know. But on the floor inside a bathroom stall at a baseball stadium during a game? Just...NO!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.