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Astros Sweep the Cubs. Ausmus Homers. Hell Drops a Few Degrees.

"Why you acting so surprised? It's not like it never happens..."

I see Lou Piniella pulled a Tommy Lasorda and changed his lineups just before the game started. However, Piniella acted because of injury issues with the Cubs, not because

he’s a dick


I’ve got to tell you. I didn’t see this coming. The Astros sweeping the Chicago Cubs. I didn’t see the Astros being able to defeat Carlos Zambrano, but last night, the guys jumped all over him. The Cubs, who had been one of the hottest teams in baseball, had problems beating up on the Astros, one of the worst teams in baseball.

The Astros just beat up on the Cubs last night. The final score was 8-2. Brad Ausmus even homered. And you know things are going the Astros way when even the Ausmus homers. This was one of those kind of games where even Adam Everett would’ve homered if he could’ve played. This was the first time the Astros swept the Cubs in Houston since way back in 1999 when games were still played on the green plastic rug of the Dome.

I can imagine everyone out there is getting all hot and bothered over this, but just keep this in mind: before the Astros can even dream of the postseason, the team’s got to hit the .500 mark. And at 51-63, the Astros still have a ways to go. If the Astros reel off 12 straight wins, that leaves the team at 63-63 with only 36 games to play.

Yeah, yeah, I know. 2005.

This ain’t 2005.

And frankly, I think that the Astros making another late season run for the playoffs is the worst thing that can happen to this team. Because then the Astros are back to the “if only” game. You know: if only Wandy could pitch on the road. If only Jennings could pitch anywhere. If only Brad Lidge could be consistent. If only Lance Berkman starts the season like he’s ending this one. If only Hunter Pence didn’t get hurt. If only Hunter Pence started the season starting in center. And when management plays the “if only” game, then it sees no need to make massive improvements to the team because it’s close. That means making a minor deal for another Woody Williams-type player. Maybe a new contract for Mike Lamb or Mark Loretta. And Jason Lane can be the fifth outfielder.

Do you see where I’m heading with this?

But, on the plus side. I heard Bill Brown mention that Torii Hunter lives in Texas, and he wants to play in Texas, and knowing how Drayton likes guys with Texas connections…

Just imagine, Lee, Hunter, and Pence. That’d make for a good outfield.

And what the heck am I thinking? That’s never going to happen. Never. I should just prepare for another season of Lee, Pence, and Scott/Lane/Berkman.

The Astros are off tonight, but will be facing the first-place Milwaukee Brewers for three games starting on Friday night. Then the team returns to the road for seven games, starting with four games in Los Angeles on Monday night. – John Royal

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UPDATE: Speaking of Hell freezing over... It appears Richard Justice reads this blog after all, even after my letter to him the other day.

This is a quote from his blog today: "Drayton McLane doesn't believe in rebuilding...He wants to go hard until the last day and then plan for next season....One risk is they rush to the finish line and just miss the playoffs again and the front office convinces itself everything is fine for 2008."

Now, where did I read something like that? Oh yeah, I wrote something like that above.

Does that make me Houston's leading information source?

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