Astros to AL with Jim Crane As Owner, Peter Gammons Says

Peter Gammons probably has the best sources in Major League Baseball, and he's got news: The Astros sale to Jim Crane will be approved in mid-November, and the team will switch to the American League.

Gammons tweets the sale "is expected to go through," so there's some wriggle room there, but it sounds like Astro fans should get themselves used to the bloated DH-laden games of the American League and the thrills of playing in the AL West.

Maybe the Cards and Cubs will come to town once in a while, just for old times' sake.

A lot of people seem to think the AL-NL divide is not what it used to be, but to us there's still a definite difference, and we are firmly on the NL side of that equation. As are most Astro fans, we'd bet.

At any rate, get to the box office quick before all those A's and Mariners tickets disappear!!!

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