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"51 Inches of Rain and a 5-1 Win": Officials Celebrate Astros, Unveil Parade Details

Fans couldn't contain themselves.
Fans couldn't contain themselves. Photo by Doogie Roux
The Astros are coming home as world champs. And the city of Houston will be welcoming them as such while they parade the Commissioners Trophy all across downtown.

The parade will start at 2 p.m. Friday at Smith and Lamar streets, and then zigzag through the city. The 'Stros will carry the trophy up Smith to Walker, hang a right and head down Milam to Pease, then will cut back west to Smith Street and go north back up to Lamar.

"This is a 'we' moment tomorrow," Mayor Sylvester Turner said, "to say thank you to the Astros for never giving up, to say thank you for winning, and to the people in our region, to say to the rest of the world we are Houston strong."

It goes without saying that the World Series win could not have meant more to any other city this year than Houston, just two months after emerging from the worst rain-producing storm in U.S. history — but it was what Turner and council members and Police Chief Art Acevedo and Fire Chief Sam Pena could not stop saying as they congratulated the Astros Thursday. Turner even found meaning on the scoreboard.

"I thought about Hurricane Harvey, when 51 inches of rain fell on Houston. And then I thought about last night, in the seventh game of the World Series, they end up winning 5 to 1. How amazing is that?"

He continued:

"For us, this was personal. It was personal. When you consider 27 trillion gallons of water falling on our area, thousands of homes flooded, thousands of people having to rebuild, thousands of people still wondering how do we go from point A to point B, and still, thousands of people going through so much while they're in the stands cheering on the Astros, thousands of Houstonians who were in the flood who turned on their televisions and for those hours were cheering for the Astros, putting aside their despair for the moment, and yet facing those difficulties they stood up and cheered and carried the Astros in sprit and body. And then for the Astros to win, for the City of Houston, this was persona. This World Series, literally, the Astros have brought this city like never before."

Expect road closures along and near the parade route to begin at noon. This includes the inbound lanes of Allen Parkway and Lamar from Taft to Smith, plus the McKinney Street exit off of I-45. Officials strongly encouraged using public transportation — especially since many parking garages are closed because of Harvey damage. Chief Acevedo told everyone not to be alarmed by the increased police presence, vehicles and weapons, reminding everyone that if they see something, say something, such as a suspicious-looking truck.

Acevedo said there were only four arrests last night (including two people who jumped off a police car) as thousands of fans stormed the streets into the morning, honking, cheering, screaming for first Astros World Series win in history.
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