AstroWorld Fan Shuts Down Homophobe in Awesome Way

If only every bigot could be shut up with a kiss.
If only every bigot could be shut up with a kiss. Screengrab from Tik Tok
Happy Pride Month. Would you like to see a ridiculous homophobe get absolutely owned by a woman in an AstroWorld hoodie? Me too!

@boilyourbottoms Sister Cindy doesn’t like lesbos /: #sistercindy #lgbt #fyp ? original sound - aspen????????
The person screaming in this Tik Tok uploaded by boilyourbottoms is known as Sister Cindy Smock. She and her husband, Brother Jed, travel around to various college campuses in order to yell at LGBT+ people with such witticisms as “Hell is hot, don’t be a thot.” They’ve apparently been doing this for four decades and judging by the slow but steady advancement of rights for LGBT people it is not going well at all. Brother Jed also apparently hosts impromptu sex education lectures on campuses while holding a magic staff with Jesus on top of it like a game of Dungeons and Dragons being played in a church basement that has gone seriously off the rails.

In the video, Sister Cindy loudly proclaims that thou shalt not kiss a girl and like it, which does not speak very highly of her domestic life. The video was apparently shot at Texas State University in March. In response to the judgy screeching, two young women, one of whom is sporting a vintage AstroWorld hoodie, passionately embrace and kiss while Sister Cindy covers her eyes to avoid the scene as if she was looking at the Ark of the Covenant. The crowd, naturally, goes bananas.

The Tik Tok has amassed over a million likes but has probably also been somewhat responsible for Sister Cindy launching her own brand of internet fame. Her personal Tik Tok has around 300,000 followers, and links to her husband’s site where he sells a book called All Trumped Up: Our Lionhearted President about how disgraced amusement ride owner Donald Trump is really a great Christian.

Look, the Smocks are cartoon characters and it’s a lot of fun to watch them be humiliated by a crowd of Texans who want nothing to do with their particular brand of delusion. Let’s all enjoy this moment. However, Pride Month is also a remembrance of the fact that LGBT people had to throw bricks at the instigators of state violence just be to be left alone in their own spaces. We are barely months out of having a president that was already beginning to shove trans people back out of the military and our own legislature wants them banned from high school sports.

Most homophobia and transphobia won’t stand on street corners preaching to hostiles. It’ll hide nice and subtle inside authority and make life a living hell in a million smaller ways. The last four years have shown that given the chance, conservatives will roll back rights and protections the absolute second they can, and that is not something that can be defeated by a kiss.

So, brava to our AstroWorld fan and her momentary paramour for they are the light and life. Boo to Sister Cindy and her bullshit. However, keep our eyes peeled for those who would do more than try to shame in public because they have been very active. That trans sports bill is going to come up in the special session this summer, and I don’t think smooches will win the day. These attitudes are not “haters.” They are a continued evil that must be fought.
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