At Least Someone Wants To Come To The Texas Bowl

Okay, so Notre Dame somehow preferred the Hawaii Bowl to the Texas Bowl. Some people just prefer Honolulu to Houston, we guess.

But ND's replacement, Western Michigan University, is pleased as punch to be coming here.

That can happen when you live in Kalamazoo (Motto: No, We Are An Actual City).

The announcement story in the Kalamazoo Gazette showed just how thrilled everyone is.

Mainly's easier to get to than Shreveport, WMU's other option, and it won't be snowing here.

"The other one would have been a little bit harder to get to. This one here, Southwest Airlines flies right into Houston, you'll be right there," WMU head coach Bill Cubit said.

"Definitely the heat is a great thing," Broncos senior wideout Jamarko Simmons said of heading south. "We just had a blizzard the other day." blizzards, and planes. We're great!!!

WMU officials also talked about the extensive welcome stuff the locals put on in conjunction with the bowl, and noted that 50,000 tickets had been sold.

Whether 50,000 show up to see Rice play Western Michigan, that's another question.

-- Richard Connelly

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