Atheist Woodstock: Christopher Hitchens & Richard Dawkins Together in Houston

For crissake, the Hyatt Regency downtown is going to be one godforsaken place next month.

Noted atheist Richard Dawkins had long been scheduled to appear at the Atheist Alliance of America/Texas Freethought Convention October 7-9, but now there's a special guest -- perhaps the other most famous atheist around, Christopher Hitchens.

Hitchens will receive the Richard Dawkins Award from Dawkins in a ceremony October 8.

"It was uncertain whether Mr. Hitchens's schedule would allow him to appear in person," says AAA president Nick Lee. "Now we will have both of these great thinkers in the same room on one evening. We are honored, and look forward to an incredible evening of insightful remarks and spirited discussion."

"Spirited"? We don't believe in that superstitious mumbo-jumbo crap like "spirits"!! Leave it to the rubes.

Besides speakers, the convention will feature "interactive panels, a vendor fair, live music, a comedy night, and workshops focusing on secular student leadership and secular parenting."

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