Attorney General Greg Abbott, Killing Dreams (Of Idiots) Once Again

Oh, attorney general Greg Abbott. Yesterday you told us water couldn't be turned into gas. Today you say that people actually can't make six-figure incomes doing searches on the web.

Is there any dream of the gullible that you won't let stand?

Abbott's office announced this morning that they've charged the people behind "GoogleMoneyTree" for, essentially, proving that money does not grow on trees, even with Google.

People paid $$3.88 for shipping a "free kit" to them explaining all the secrets, one of which is that their credit cards were then charged $72 a month after that.

"Internet users encountered the defendants' Google and Facebook advertisements, which linked to blogs that were created to promote their work-at-home offer," the AGs office said. "The blogs included 'testimonials' that touted their products and led viewers to believe that previously unemployed users were earning high salaries conducting Internet searches."

What? Testimonials on the internet are not true?!?!?! 

To get the free kit, customers had to hand over credit-card information, which obviously then was put to good use. There was also a nice little twist: You didn't even get the free kit.

But we're sure the good folks at the GoogleMoneyTree customer-service department were eager to help, right?

Apparently not. Another dream dead.

The owners, two guys from Utah, face fines and restitution orders.

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