Tony Buzbee Files For Houston City Council District G Seat [UPDATED]

Attorney Tony Buzbee may be taking another stab at politics, after teasing a run for Houston City Council.
Attorney Tony Buzbee may be taking another stab at politics, after teasing a run for Houston City Council. Screenshot
Amid speculation that Houston-based attorney Tony Buzbee would reattempt his failed bid to run for mayor in 2019, as expected he filed for Houston City Council’s District G seat Monday afternoon.

Earlier in the day Buzbee took to Instagram, suggesting that he'll be making a run. According to several media reports, he planned to challenge incumbent Mary Nan Huffman ahead of the filing deadline for candidates on Monday at 5 p.m.

Buzbee went on Instagram Live – a video streaming feature of the social media site – during filing and was accompanied by former council member Greg Travis, who served District G when first elected in 2015.

He updated his social media page to announce his official entry into the race, sharing that reducing crime will be one of his top priorities if elected. Buzbee did not endorse any mayoral candidate in his post and said he chose not to run for mayor to avoid helping elect someone he felt would be “severely damaging” to

Buzbee also said he opted to run for city council instead as he did not want to “set out on a fool’s errand” if he could not be sure he would win the mayoral race.
Bob Stein, Rice University political science professor, said Buzbee’s goal could be to use the role as a stepping stone to the mayor's office, especially during the upcoming Senate impeachment trial for suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“If you’re self-serving, you might think of it as a great way to get on the council by getting a lot of publicity from the trial,” he said.

Buzbee will lead Paxton’s defense team as Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick presides over the Senate’s legal proceedings.

According to Stein, Buzbee could face some overlap as the trial, which starts on Tuesday, September 5, could last a full month, likely interrupting his campaigning time.

“Mr. Buzbee did not strike me as wanting to be one of 16 people on a city council. He would clearly prefer to be mayor, but being mayor takes up a lot of time,” Stein said. “And then again, with Tony Buzbee, nothing surprises me.”

Also on the November ballot is the mayoral race, that will likely result in a run-off between State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) and U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee. Sixteen other mayoral candidates include attorney Lee Kaplan, councilmember Robert Gallegos, former Metro chair Gilbert Garcia and former council members Jack Christie and MJ Khan.

The City Controller will also be elected; candidates in this race include city council members Dave Martin and Michael Kubosh and former Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins. Of the 16 current city council members, 10 are running for re-election.

Buzbee’s full statement on filing for Houston City Council District G race:

"I just filed as the newest candidate for Houston City Council, District G. I love our city. I want to improve the quality of life here for all, and want to serve in a paucity where I can be most helpful. The last mayoral election was eye opening and humbling for me. I learned a lot about our city, its problems, some solutions and the great people who live here. As I pondered whether to run for mayor again, two considerations guided me.

First, if I were to run, I would only do so if I actually could win. I wasn’t going to set out on a fool’s errand. Second, if I couldn’t win, I certainly didn’t want to be responsible for helping elect someone who I feel would be severely damaging to our city.

After cogitating on those two issues, and discussing it with my wife Frances, I have determined that the best way I can help our city grow and prosper is to file to run as Council Member for District G. This is our home. I am deeply concerned about crime in the city. It is out of control! Reducing crime will be one of my top priorities. And although, I am familiar with many of the issues we all face in District G, I look forward to
spending time in the various neighborhoods that make up the district so I can listen to specific concerns, and learn more. I will put in the work and will be a strong advocate for District G.

I know I don’t have all the answers but I know there are many people in the district willing to help me that do. As a resident of this district, I know that many times the needs of District G are ignored. As District G Council Member I will make sure the voices of its residents are heard as we work together to make this city a better place to live and work for us all. And let me say this, I sincerely appreciate the hundreds of calls
and messages from all the nice people who urged me to run for city as an active, informed and innovative council member of my home district, District G. I thus humbly ask for the support from the residents of District G. I will work very hard to earn your trust and your vote."
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