Audrina Cardenas: Miracle Baby Celebrates First Birthday

Feel-good stories are so few and far between in the news sometimes. This one is just impossible to turn down. Audrina Cardenas recently reached her first birthday. This wouldn't be a significant milestone except that Cardenas was born with her heart outside her body and it took the gifted doctors and surgeons at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston to save her life.

I've reported on Cardenas a couple of times in the last year, but when the story of her first birthday and photos to go with it dropped into my inbox, it seemed like one more story was in order.

According to a press release, Cardenas is doing remarkably well and her doctors seem encouraged.

Her team of physicians are thrilled with the progress she has made to date. She has been able to come off all of her medications, although she has remained on oxygen. Her development is improving everyday and she is now crawling and trying to walk.

A team of surgeons is actively planning her next major surgery expected to take place in the next few months to construct a chest wall (something she was not born with) to protect her heart and to repair her cardiac defects associated with the Ectopia Cordis.

Audrina will continue to be carefully followed by a multidisciplinary team and will require specialized care by a pediatric cardiologist for the rest of her life, but her future outlook and prognosis is positive.

Here's wishing Ms. Cardenas many more birthdays.

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