Austin Ray Cobb: Naked, Eye-Shadowed Bryan Man Busted for Trashing Best Western

Bad craziness in a Best Western has landed a Bryan man behind bars for the sixth time since December.

Police were summoned to the hotel when a maid told management that a room rented by 22-year-old Austin Ray Cobb had been ransacked.

Actually, make that two rooms, because Cobb rented the first on Sunday afternoon, then went back to the desk and complained about the toilet and was given a second, which he cleverly signed for under an alias. (He'd used his real name for the first.)

Motel staff would later say that Cobb had been acting strangely and appeared to be on drugs, but they gave him that second room nevertheless, in which he reportedly played loud music all night long. The next morning, the maid discovered his trashed original room, and police tracked him down in the second one. Apparently that "fake name gambit" is a non-starter at the Bryan Best Western.

Cobb's new room was not a pretty sight, and neither was he.

Police reported that when they came knocking, Cobb turned down the loud music he'd been blasting but refused to open the door. In fact, he started moving furniture around, apparently in an effort to barricade himself inside. Cops returned minutes later with a master key and forced their way into the room.

An unknown liquid saturated the carpet, and Cobb had ripped every page out of the in-room Gideons Bible and scattered them all over the place. Cobb himself was found hiding in the rear of the room, naked save for the black makeup he had smeared on his face.

Damages were estimated at $450, so Cobb faces a class B misdemeanor criminal mischief charge. As of Tuesday afternoon, he was still locked up in Brazos County Jail, a facility with which he has become quite familiar of late. Since December, he's been locked up there after being accused of possession of marijuana, reckless driving, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, public intoxication, and a second criminal mischief case, which came only four days before this incident. (Police say he ripped the jailhouse phone out of the wall of his holding tank.)

Apparently jail is not working....Maybe, just maybe, Austin Cobb and the good people of Bryan-College Station might be better served if he got treatment in a psychiatric hospital.

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