Awesome National Anthem from Boston to Start Your Day Off Right

Back in the day, before there were 800 channels on television that all went around the clock every day all year long, television stations would actually have a beginning and an end to their programming day. On the air at 6:00 a.m., off sometime shortly after midnight, with a few hours of static during the overnight while people slept. That was the schedule.

The broadcasting day would be kicked off and wrapped up on either end with some rendition of our national anthem. As a kid, I'll admit that I kind of took the anthem for granted, but there's something to be said for a daily reminder that we live in the greatest, most resilient country on earth, especially during a week like this, considering the events in Boston on Monday and in West, TX last night.

So this morning, here's a post with very few words, just some convenient video to get your day started off right:

Last night, in Boston, the city tried to return to some sense of normalcy on the heels of the bombs set off at the Boston Marathon on Monday. A very small part of that recovery is accomplished by resuming sporting events, and to that end, the Bruins and the Sabres played their game last night at the TD Garden.

As with every sporting event, prior to the game came the singing of the national anthem. However, unlike most anthems on your average Wednesday night, where at most a handful of people would quietly sing along while practically everyone else quietly stares at the flag or thinks about what they're going to have on their nachos, last night's anthem at TD Garden saw 100 percent participation.

Check this out, by about ten seconds into the song, the mic'd up voice of the actual singer is absolutely smothered by the resolute voices of thousands of Bostonians. It's awesome:

Good morning.

(UPDATE: As it turns out, the singer Rene Rancourt, actually stopped singing one stanza in and led the crowd in the anthem, which makes this even cooler. Way to go, Boston.)

(h/t The Big Lead)

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