Awright, Carl Lewis, Break It Up

Now that you're back at the office, the last thing we'd want to do is distract you from your Cyber Monday surfing. But if you find that Amazon is loading a little slow, we offer this little diversion.

It's a classic ditty from H-town track phenom Carl Lewis that's been making the YouTube rounds of late. You may remember him as the Olympian and track star. You may remember that he was often rumored to be gay. But you may not remember that the UH alum had a very brief singing career. Witness his single "Break It Up," an '80s reggae-fied classic that offers such insightful lyrics as "Let's all work together/you can't win on your own." This video dandy (which even offers some perspective on Lewis's sexuality -- he may have a thing for old women in saunas) is perfect Monday morning Zen.

Enjoy, and remember, friends, "You can't win on your own." — Steven Devadanam

"Break It Up," y'all!

Oh, and here's a bonus: a Carl Lewis/NWA remix (caution: language!).

And we can't do a Carl Lewis post without this, Lewis's now famous slaughtering of the National Anthem. Dude should've been charged with treason...

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