Azzie Caldwell & Indira Doorga: 500 Grams of Coke in the Stomach & Vagina

Packing for international travel can be such a hassle -- who wants to use the overhead bins, for instance?

Luckily, God has provided humans, especially females, with carry-on facilities of their very own. The trouble is what you put in them.

Two women decided their stomachs and vaginas were just the spot to put 500 grams of coke in pellets as they passed through Bush on their way from Trinidad and Tobago to Detroit earlier this month, federal prosecutors say.

Azzie LaDawn Caldwell, 32, and Indira Doorga, 42, got off the plane and went through customs.

"Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents became suspicious when they received inconsistent statements from them regarding their purpose for travel, whether they knew one another or had traveled together," prosecutors say. "The investigative effort ultimately lead to x-rays, which allegedly revealed anomalies resembling pellets believed to contain a controlled substance. The women were each admitted to an area hospital."

And that's where the fun began.

Eventually Caldwell gave up 38 pellets and Drooga 51 pellets. They had swallowed some and inserted others before getting on the flight into Houston.

They got out of the hospital yesterday and will appear before a judge today, the feds say.

Upon conviction, each of the offenses charged carries a mandatory minimum of five years and up to a 40-year maximum term of imprisonment and millions in fines.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.