Baby Ducks And Wabbits In Flood Danger, Houston SPCA Says

They're tugging on the heartstrings at the Houston SPCA. Here's a release on how today's flooding is affecting some wild animals:

Baby cottontail rabbits can be seen floating down flooded roadways and bayous clinging to pieces of debris. Nests have fallen from trees due to the wind and rain putting many baby birds in danger. In addition, baby ducks are also at risk from being swept away their mother's protection.

Baby rabbits, swept away in floodwaters, desperately clinging to debris! Baby ducks ripped from their mothers' arms!!

Nature, how cruel you are.

The SPCA is urging Houstonians who see any such endagered wee widdle ones to take them to the Wildlife Rehab & Education Center, 7007 Old Katy Road in Houston (If you need to find it on a map, just look where all the flooding is).

Special care needs to be taken, the group says.

Sharon Schmalz, the director of the facility, who carries a name almost destined for tear-jerking press releases, says:

if the baby is wet, cold, injured, covered with ants, fly eggs, maggots or is very weak, immediate action must be taken to save his/her life. Do not bring the baby into the air conditioning unless you place him in a box (large enough to stand up and move around in a little bit), on a heating pad set on LOW. Hypothermia (becoming too cold) is life threatening.

Almost all wildlife, with the notable exception of the opossum, have internal temperatures that are higher than ours and because of their small body mass chill easily. If a heating pad (set on low) is not available, dry uncooked rice can be placed in a sock and heated for 30 45 seconds in a microwave.

When using an external heat source, check the animal frequently to prevent overheating. Place the animal in a quiet warm place and contact WR&E for more information.

The group says you shouldn't feed any animals, because of the chances you'll feed them something wrong. Stupid human.

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