Babyboy Small, Vernon Wade Baloney: Funny (Alleged) Criminal Names, Spring 2012 Edition

The recent travails of Crystal Angel Sugars reminded us that it was time to cobble together another of our semi-regular lists of the strangest, funniest and most downright awesome names we come across in our daily perusal of the Harris County Criminal Courthouse dockets.

You can read our most recent effort here.

We think of that one as the Mega Matahari Edition. The Anal Exceus Edition is here, the Crystal Ann Shank Edition is here, click here for the Mondale Manley Esprit Edition, and here for the Passionett Dancer Edition.

And now, on to the new names....

Bodacious Gerraud Neal Accused of behaving less than bodaciously....

Ebshonae Maxlatay Littleton Igpay Atinlay? (Littleton's trespassing case was dismissed on May 3, 2012.)

Precious Crystal Hudson Crystal is bad enough. Add in an adjective and you are guaranteeing trouble.

Vernon Wade Baloney Vernon Wade Prosciutto is classier; Vernon Wade Gobbagool sounds more sinister.

Ronrecoe Jermaine Greer Nods to a fearsome feminist intellect and a bottom-shelf rum? Can't beat that with a stick!

Jose Cruz Hercules Two of my childhood heroes in one awesome name.

Edwardleo Crawfoot [Scene: a cozy book-lined den. A fireplace crackles. A man in a silk smoking jacket taps his pipe on an ashtray. "Good evening. Welcome to Cops, Masterpiece Edition. I'm your host, Edwardleo Crawfoot..."]

Avinash Goonie Just makes me smile.

Prometheus Lamb Could give Edwardleo Crawfoot a run for that Cops Masterpiece Edition hosting gig.

Babyboy Small Nope, not a street name, part one.

Kashe' Mone' Carroll Nope, not a street name, part two.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.