Copyright 00A9 2006 ABC, Inc. / Bob D'Amico
Galveston's Jami hops in bed -- with another girl!

Bachelor Bitchin'

Watched another episode of The Bachelor: Rome last night, right after a fantastic Monday Night Football game. (Again, thanks, TiVo!) I haven't been able to explain my fascination with this sometimes painfully cheesy reality show. But three minutes into last night's ep, I've finally understood the draw.

Normally, when a Houstonian is on any type of national program, such as Dilana on Rockstar, I'm all for 'em. But since watching "socialite" Erica from Houston on Il Bachelor, I've realized that I'm actually rooting against her.

As I mentioned last week, the show features two Houston-area ladies, the "OMG!" Erica and the more down-to-earth Jami from Galveston. In the first episode, you could tell that producers were hinting at a hometown rivalry, and last night, it was on. Jami called Erica "the most spoiled brat" she's ever met in her life. Later, outside, Erica corners the handsome Prince Lorenzo (who's actually becoming quite likable) and warns him about the Galveston gal:

Erica: "I don't think Jami's a good match for you because she didn't go to college, and that's really important to me."

Lorenzo: "Well...I just care if they have a good heart. You can't judge someone because they haven't had what you've had."

Erica: "I do judge."

Nice! The prince dismisses her, and later, weeps Erica:

Copyright 00A9 2006 ABC, Inc. / Bob D'Amico
Erica's meltdown's were, like, classic!

"He makes me feel like a bad person, because he grew up having, like, a more privileged life than I did, and he doesn't judge people and I don't know why..."

Then, the meltdown:

"I'm gonna probably go home without a rose and some other girl will and it's not fair because they don't deserve it!"

Yes! And when Prince 'Zo hands the first rose of the night to Sadie, Erica falls apart again:

"He must not really want a true princess, because I'm a true princess, and like, it doesn't matter how I've been raised — he could care less."

Then there's some blubbering, etc, etc.

After the jump: Jami jumps in the sack with Desiree!

Not a whole lot more from Erica, but there is some gratuitous skin action, courtesy of a beach date. The prince takes six contestants to the beach, and has them playing tackle football in no time. (I'm pretty sure I've seen movies on Cinemax that start like this...)

Later, back at the house, Jami and fellow blonde Desiree go snooping through the prince's house. They happen upon his bedroom and his boxers. He walks in and catches them on the bed (wakka-chikka-wakka-chikka). Yes!

They start apillow fight, and Jami smacks Desiree on the butt. (I've definitely seen movies on Cinemax start like this....) The Prince, natch, is in heaven.

Then it's the overly drawn out rose ceremony. The prince has to send half of the girls home (they're the ones who aren't handed a rose). He hands one to Desiree and our girl Jami get roses (proving pillow fights are good investments). One rose left. Who'll get it? After an excruciating pause, it's...OMG! Erica. Well hell, she makes for good ratings.

The show's ending credits show Jami teaching the Italian-born Agnese how to say "Y'all." Awww. Gotta love that Jami. (Here's hoping there's another pillow fight next week.) -- Steven Devadanam

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