Back in the High Life: Michael Pollack and the VCR Bikini Hottie

“Htownr” posted

this link

as a comment at the end of my most recent

Sole of Houston post

, and it totally deserves a blog of its own.

Those of you who were sentient beings with TVs in Houston in the mid ’80s will remember Michael Pollack, the TV pitchman for the Colonial House apartments. He was positively encrusted with gold medallions, he wore a mean pair of snakeskin boots, and Lord have mercy, that hair. Nobody this side of Maurice Gibb has ever rocked a more flowing lion’s mane of winged disco hair.

And here he is again, inviting you to join in to the wonderful lifestyle he has created in the beee-yyooo-tifull Gulfton Ghetto… And you get a free VCR! (Hottie in bikini not included.) No doubt the owner of this online shrine to Pollack will be happy to see the commercial in all its glory again.

Many of us were unaware that Pollack, who is alive and well in the Phoenix area, has a musical side -- he is the drummer in a 12-piece soul / rock / R&B cover band called A Corporate Affair. – John Nova Lomax

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