Back to School with Miss Pop Rocks!

For most kids in the Houston area, this week signals the return to reading, writing, and random drug searches of their lockers. Ah, modern times. The bell ringing us back to class got Miss Pop Rocks thinking of all the pop culture schools she wishes she could have attended.

Bayside High (Saved by the Bell)
With a principal like Mr. Belding at your beck and call (did you ever notice the man was not even important enough to have his own secretary?), how would you not want to go to a school like Bayside? Class time was mere background noise for a constant stream of school dances, field trips, music video shoots, and hangin' at the Max. Just don't ask where they hid Miss Bliss's body.

DeGrassi Junior High (uh...you know)
Canadians are just way cooler, you know? The kids at DeGrassi were so real man, with their real issues and their real probs and stuff. Teen pregnancy, drug abuse, being gay, divorce...this group of teens made the kids from Bayside look as naïve as kindergarteners. I love you, Spike!

Eastland School (Facts of Life)
Okay, so there weren't any boys there, but Jo would do in a pinch. (Hey, is there a better place for a girl to explore her bi-curiosity than an all-girls prep school?) The uniforms were totally adorable, and Mrs. Garrett ("Girls, girls!") was more of a gal pal than a strict disciplinarian. Plus, I don't think they ever attended class once.

Hudson University (Law and Order)
A source of dead bodies, psychotic professors, drug-addicted teaching assistants, and suicide cases. Actually, I am probably glad I never had to attend such a learning institution.

Liberty High School (My So-Called Life)
Only because Jordan Catalano went there. Other than that, it was pretty much too real to be much of an escape vehicle.

New York City High School for the Performing Arts (Fame)
"Fame costs...and right here is where you start payin'...in SWEAT!" Don't scare me, Debbie! I had several fantasies about going to "The Fame School" (as I referred to it) where apparently kids spent passing periods dancing in the streets in the middle of New York City traffic. Unfortunately, I cannot dance, sing, play an instrument, paint, or act, so I was never destined to fulfill my dreams.

What pop culture schools am I forgetting, gentle reader?

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