Bad Day For Child-Pornography Fans (Good Day For The Rest Of Us)

A teacher and a volunteer at a children's theater were among the four child-porn indictments announced today by the US Attorney's office.

Among the highlights from the lowlifes:

Fernando Gonzalez, a teacher at North Shore High in the Galena Park school district, gets no marks for subtlety or brains: "Students looked through a classroom window and saw Gonzalez looking at images of child pornography on his school computer and also witnessed Gonzalez fondling himself. The students informed school administrators," prosecutors said.

The dumbness, let us count the ways:

1) Using a school computer; 2) Using a school computer located in an area where kids could see; 3) Jerking off in public to your sick fetish. Nicely done, dude.

Then there's the grandly named Bennie E. Richardson IV, who was described as "a paid volunteer at a local children's theater."

US Attorney's office spokeswoman Angela Dodge tells Hair Balls the theater in question is the Pasadena Little Theater. Calls there went unreturned, although we do note their website mistakenly lists the upcoming drama Twelve Angry Men as Twelve Angry Jurors.

And twelve angry jurors is no doubt what Mr. Richardson IV will be seeing if he doesn't cop a plea.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.