Bad Faith and Texas Mutual Insurance

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"The most severe injuries, they basically give you a lifetime of denials instead of a lifetime of benefits until you go away."

Attorney Rogers takes a somewhat more temperate approach. He says that on the whole, Texas Mutual does okay — some of the claims adjusters are very good, and most of the people there do a good job.

But things do go wrong, and Texas Mutual won't admit it, Rogers says. "When they don't do okay, they ought to recognize it and mediate the case out." Other insurance companies probably have more bad faith claims filed against them because they are more likely to settle — there's a better chance of fighting them and ­winning.

Texas Mutual, on the other hand, fights whenever it thinks it is right, however otherwise expedient it might be to just let it go, Rogers says.

"They make you go to court on each and every claim. People have to be very serious and have to have a very good case before they ever file a lawsuit against Texas Mutual. If you file one, you're into a great big battle."

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